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The integrated computerized flat knitting machine combined with the smart running yarn feeder opens a new mode of seamless knitting
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Dongguan Benoy Intelligent Technology CO., LTD takes the opportunity of intelligent manufacturing to carry out continuous and in-depth development of new products and new functions, to provide customers in the knitting industry with high-quality solutions, and to continuously innovate to help the knitwear industry transform towards intelligent manufacturing. Dongguan Benoy Intelligent Technology CO., LTD has set the smart running yarn feeder technology and integrated computerized flat knitting technology as the main direction of future development.double system_1.jpg

(Sweater making machine)

The smart running yarn feeder changes the traditional mode of driving the yarn feeder by the head. Each yarn feeder is controlled by an independent servo motor to optimize the yarn feeding process. It can increase the efficiency by up to 85% when knitting in a specific pattern; Independently control 16 yarn feeders, the yarn feeders can stay at the parking point more accurately, and precisely match the needle ejection and narrowing of the machine head, which can realize hair hanging, partial jacquard, multi-color intarsia, reverse yarn filling and ordinary Complicated patterns that cannot be woven by computerized flat knitting machines are more efficient, accurate, and have better fabric quality when knitting complex patterns. Because the yarn feeder's stop point is accurate, the knitting time is greatly improved, and the generation of rotten edges is effectively reduced, thereby reducing the scrap rate, saving costs and improving benefits for customers.

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